Meet our hardworking and friendly staff
Joe Sizemore comes to Palm Cove Marina with a tool box full of experience. As Palm Cove Marina’s mechanical engineer Joe has worked through major repairs, minor repairs and preventative maintenance on all of our heavy equipment. Joe is also spot on maintaining the Marina’s diverse infrastructure. Joe’s time before Palm Cove Marina saw him maintaining over 150 pieces of equipment at a country club. Joe has Also served our country … thank you Joe!
Pat Haven has been a long term forklift operator at an other local marina and an expert in the fish distribution industry. We are thrilled to have him back, skillfully moving customers’ boats, at Palm Cove Marina. Pat’s time in the commercial fish distribution world gives him the inside track on what restaurants serve the freshest sea food. Be sure to thank Pat for serving our country in the USCG.
Palm Cove Marina was lucky in crossing paths with Carl Dillhyon. Carl is always elbow deep in projects that make Palm Cove Marina a better place. Carl multitasks between forklift driving, dredge operation duties and property wide repair and maintenance. Thankfully Carl had a long career in the heating and cooling industry and we know have comprehensive care for the many AC units we have at Palm Cove Marina.
Tyler Etheredge is the youngest buck on the Palm Cove Marina team. Tyler is our dockhand and spending time training as a forklift operator. He is an outdoorsman at heart, hunting and fishing occupy much of his time off. He is a licensed captain and runs inshore fishing trips as a side job. We welcome Tyler and are happy he made his way from the Guana Outpost to Palm Cove Marina.
Allison Irons is our office assistant who has her hands in everything that happens in our very busy office. Allison comes to us with a wonderfully cheerful personality and the experience gained from years in the hospitality business. Allison’s command center is the front desk were she is the face of Palm Cove Marina, fielding the majority of phone calls and walk in customers.
Tony Luna comes to us with forklift operation experience from an another local marina. Tony is great on the docks and always happy to serve our customers. Tony’s time as a boat club dockmaster rounds out his personality and experience that makes him a perfect fit at Palm Cove Marina. We look forward to having Tony grace the Palm Cove Marina community with his presence for many years to come.
From the pacific island of Hawaii, we are vey excited to welcome James Cook. James is a forklift driver at Palm Cove Marina as he was at the Marina in Kona. His duties, over 13 years, at the previous marina included travel lift operation and marina management. James’s cheerful attitude and past experience make us happy to have him as part of the Palm Cove Marina Ohana.
Loyd Terry has been a Palm Cove Marina forklift driver since the 2000 Marina renovation. Loyd serves as our Assistant Dockmaster and is our front line for Information Technologies support. Loyd is often working on some of the more technical projects that keep the Marina operating smoothly and in compliance. Loyd keeps life in balance between spending time with his two children, family and Palm Cove Marina.
Palm Cove Marina's accurate but fun bookkeeper is Bobbie Sue Gibson. Bobbie Sue has been the keeper of the till for marinas and yacht brokers prior to being recruited by Palm Cove Marina. Her knowledge of marine industry accounting, including an ownership roll in a yacht sales business”,” this comma is new makes her he best choice for Palm Cove Marina's comptroller.
Being the Operations Manager Richard Thill has his finger on the pulse of Palm Cove Marina. Richard has worked in most positions at two other northeast Florida marinas before his Palm Cove Marina career. Richard was a driving force in the total Palm Cove Marina transformation of 2000. Along with being one of the kindest gentlemen you will meet, Richard has knowledge of every aspect of Palm Cove Marina's infrastructure and its customers.
Palm Cove Marina's Office management is in the very capable hands of Karen Farish. She has experience with more marine related operations than most anyone in northeast Florida. Karen has elevated the service at so many facilities; she truly is an ambassador to Jacksonville's boaters. Within moments of meeting Karen, you will feel like long time friends. Karen is one of the most professional in northeast Florida's marine industry.
Dockmaster Rich Davis has been an integral part of Palm Cove Marina since the major renovation in 2000. Rich is constantly looking for ways to use his years of marina experience to make boaters' visits to Palm Cove Marina exceptional. Rich has been a marina man since high school and is proud to be Palm Cove Marina's Dockmaster and responsible for northeast Florida's largest drystack facility.
Terry Alderman is recognizable from operating forklifts at three area marinas. His forklift operating experience spans over a decade. Besides being one of the finest area forklift drivers, Terry is also our dredge operator. Palm Cove Marina has a huge advantage by having a dredge, spoil site and factory trained operator in Terry. Be sure to also give him thanks for serving our country in the Navy reserves.
Rob Haugland has been moving satisfied customers’ boats at area marinas for longer than you would guess. Rob has definitely developed skills equal to the regions’s best forklift operators. He always has a uplifting attitude and truly enjoys making boaters smile. Rob enjoys fishing (and catching) on his boat when he is not making it happen for Palm Cove Marina customers.


14603 Beach Blvd. Ste. 100,
Jacksonville, FL 32250


SERVICE: 904 821 0992
OFFICE: 904-223-4757
FORKLIFT: 904-223-1336

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